Hello LOTR Fans! MPFW Transmogrified!

Welcome to MPFW v.08beta!

We’ve been promising a site revamp for awhile.
Apologies but lots of goings on in these parts.

To give you a taste, we’ve rolled out a beta version. It’s pretty pared down but you may like the simple, smooth and sleek nature.

Give it a whirl. See what you see.

2 thoughts on “Hello LOTR Fans! MPFW Transmogrified!

  1. If I wanted to order Gandalf’s ring Narya how do you know what size I want? Either I’am blind or there isn’t any place to put ring size on the form! Please help!!

    1. Yes, you are blind.

      Kidding. It’s not funny, but we’re still shoring up a few things. We put a pause on our hardcore development for awhile, as we sat back to reflect on the plot by Amazon & Google to steal our traffic… but the regroup is regrouping. Changes are again commencing… including little piddly things like overlooked size options on some rings! :o)

      Appreciate your interest!

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