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Frodo’s™ One Ring™, our most afford

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Frodo’s™ One Ring™, our most affordable and officially-licensed version of the One Ring™. Also called Gollum’s Gold, it is an authentic, high-quality 24k gold-plated bronze One Ring™ with a Lifetime Guarantee. Its design was commissioned by Middle-earth Enterprises and created by artist and lifelong Tolkien aficionado, Paul Badali. It is the identical design as his other versions in sterling silver, solid gold and platinum, featuring the exact same dimensions and rune script. The script, cast deep, is in Elvish Tengwar characters (invented by the great elf Fëanor). Unlike various other imitation versions out there, whose scripts are only laser-etched or simply painted on, this is a more permanent engraving and won’t wear down easily.

A perfect, affordable and authentic gift for any Lord of the Rings fan, or one you’re looking to please!

This ring is made of bronze and both it and the chain are professionally plated with 24k gold. It is available in one size only (approximately size 9¾). We do not size these because they are intended to be worn as necklaces (or on display) and are sent with a 24″ gold-plated chain, as pictured (or choose the optional Mithril™ titanium chain, for those who want a silver chain). The chain is removable, however, so you can wear it on your finger if it happens to fit, but that is not recommended (gold-plating will usually wear off pretty quick in that case–also something to keep in mind if you’re looking at cheap copies elsewhere). The ring measures approximately 7 mm wide, 2 mm thick.

Don’t trust the fake versions out there. This exquisite version of The One Ring™ is one of the few officially-licensed by Middle-earth Enterprises and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

This item also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on the gold-plating as well! Should it ever begin to wear off, you can get it replaced for the cost of shipping.†

Ships out in 1 DAY!‡

‡There is usually a large stock available to facilitate immediate shipment. Almost always ships within 1 business day of your order. USPS (continental U.S.) usually delivers within 1 – 3 business days. International shipping—to locations outside the U.S.—begins around $13 USD!

†Lifetime Satisfaction Guaranteed! If the gold plating ever wears off on your Frodo’s™ One Ring™, simply return it along with proof of purchase from My Precious Fantasy Webshop and $9.95 for shipping and handling (U.S. return addresses, may be more for international shipments), and we will replace your ring with a new one.

Most silver items and gold-plated items are usually in stock and ready for immediate delivery (within 1 business day). For solid gold items, please allow 7 to 10 business days for production time before your item will be ready to ship. Rush jobs are available for a fee if you need expedited service.

Additional info regarding fake versions. Be advised, there are many reasons not to fall for fakes. Apart from supporting those countries and individuals who unfairly profit off the hard work of great artists like Tolkien, by riding their coattails, (without permission), there are other points to consider. Quality of product is always a big concern. You will invariably find that quality is poor, and often end up needing to repurchase your item again, after it breaks or quickly degrades. You won’t receive a Certificate of Authenticity if you opt for a counterfeit, and you won’t have the pride and satisfaction of owning an official, handcrafted One Ring™, made right here in the USA. In fact, it’s a little anti-Tolkien to support the bad guy, no?

Plus, with the cheaper gold-plated jewelry that use inexpensive, underlying metals, you really won’t want to try wearing one on your finger, anyway, like others pretend you can do. The underlying metal may tend to turn your finger green, black or brown. For LOTR fans on a budget, who want a gold looking One Ring, we definitely recommend this gold-plated necklace version, for that very reason. Note: we now also offer a 24k gold-plating option on our sterling silver One Rings too.


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