The One Ring™ in Silver

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This beautiful version of the One Ring™, created by

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This beautiful version of the One Ring™, created by designer Paul Badali, will appeal to lovers of the clean, sleek look of sterling silver, with a fine, deeply-grooved Elvish Tengwar script that will not wear down. Sizes 13½ (13.5) and larger are an additional $15.00 US. Ring sizes 5 to 8½ measure approximately 6.5mm wide, sizes 9 to 11 measure approximately 7mm wide, and sizes 11½ up measure approximately 8mm wide. All rings measure approximately 2mm thick.

This unique and stylish authentic sterling silver version version of the One Ring™ is officially-licensed by Middle Earth Enterprises and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity! No knockoff nonsense here. We give you the satisfaction of an official, high quality One Ring, made right here in the USA.

Also, choose from optional Mithril™ chains made of titanium, if you like. Either the 24″ Mithril™ chain or the 24″ Moria Mithril™ Rolo chain. Both are popular upgrades to convert the Silver One Ring into a necklace. Fun to be able to still wear it while keeping it hidden from others’ view. It allows you to wear the ring around your neck, for those times you need a break from the powerful sway of wearing it on your finger. (wink, wink)

*Just a note for those who are hunting for an affordable “gold” One Ring they can wear on their finger. If you buy a gold-plated ring and wear it on your finger, the plating will wear off rather quickly, leaving the ring looking less than wonderful! Also, be careful when purchasing such rings elsewhere that you don’t get one whose underlying metal will react with your finger and turn it green, brown or black. That will often happen with the more inexpensive metals. But, if you really, really want a gold-colored One Ring™, and can’t afford our gorgeous, authentic and handcrafted solid gold One Ring™, we will make you a gold-plated silver One Ring™, if you absolutely must have it! ($35 extra charge) It would be best left on a shelf for display, or on a chain, but you certainly can wear it on your finger as long as you know the gold-plating will wear off at some point. At that point, we can re-plate it, if you wish, for a $35 fee. Not recommended, but available! (plain lettering only, and becomes custom order, which is neither refundable, returnable nor exchangeable)

Most silver items and gold-plated items are usually in stock and ready for immediate delivery (within 1 business day). For solid gold items, please allow 7 to 10 business days for production time before your item will be ready to ship. Rush jobs are available for a fee if you need expedited service.


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